SonarQube for django

Photo by Chris Ried on Unsplash

This is quick setup instruction for sonarqube to check your code quality of django application

Step 1: Install sonarqube, by this command you don’t have to manually download sonarqube and do setup part, but make sure you have Docker installed in your machine

Step 2: open sonarqube, by copying url below to your browser and use username and password as mentioned below




Step 4: unzip your Sonar scanner, and copy your absolute path of bin which is inside sonar scanner like below

example =>

Step 5: run sonar scanner in your project directory

Step 6: Open localhost:9000 you’ll see your project name, make sure your project quality gate should pass(it will be in green color), and try to maintain 0 code smells and less security hotspots.



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